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German Social Network

German Social Network sites attracted 15 million unique visitors from within Germany in the last month. It is half of the German population. The experience so far in the German social networking community, U.S. based as far as across Europe as a whole, where it has been the fastest growing social network this year. The German social communities traffic has been three hundred percent increased compare to the previous year. The world's popular and largest social networking site Facebook was attracting 4 million unique visitors in Germany. MySpace is also growing rapidly across German, But it has not yet made a major introduction to the German market.

While Using Social Community Websites: If we think about teenagers, of course, things are different. They are close to rotating into adults and we have to arrange them to face the world boldly and independently. Therefore, the solution is empowerment rather than defense. Authorizing them to deal with any kind of menace they may face online, informing them about what these risks may be. The German Social monitors social trends in Germany. In addition, each data collection focuses on special topics of investigation. Basic demographic and socioeconomic data also are collected on the respondents, who are German-speaking persons 18 years of age and older living in private households in Germany.

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